As an artist I try to capture as much of the world I see in a way that inspires. I love to create and photography is one of the most rewarding, artistic outlets there is. So much can be done with a simple camera and some decent lighting. 

Photography has always been a part of me. I started very early, my mum gave me an old black and white camera one day. I was hooked after the first roll of film and became the official class photographer when we got to go on field trips like Sydney and other places. 

With colour film came even more inspiration. I craved the unique and tried to capture images with a twist. Here is one of a model motorbike I had built and placed carefully on our driveway, I got down on the ground and took this shot which still fools people to this day, many asking if this was my real motorbike as a kid.

Outings to Sydney were not uncommon and I loved capturing the scenery. The city looks very different today but the iconic Opera House hasn't changed.